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Adverbien und Adverbialbestimmungen der Zeit
Adverbien und Adverbialbestimmungen der bestimmten Zeit (z.B. on Wednesday, in January, at Easter, at the end of the year, yesterday, tomorrow) stehen in der Regel am Ende des Satz…

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cabbage january kingLast post 09 Oct 06, 13:07
Was fuer eine Art Kohl ist der "Cabbage January King"? Gibt es einen deutschen NAmen dafuer?1 Replies
over the month of JanuaryLast post 04 Apr 07, 15:24
He has excellently carried out our best practices by utilising ... over the month of January…4 Replies
as of january 8, 2003Last post 24 Feb 08, 10:43
"As of January 8, 2003, there were 1,424 drug courts in existence or being planned in the Un…3 Replies
in the 15. January 1943Last post 26 Oct 08, 11:25
it was completed in the 15. January 19432 Replies
before the 8th of JanuaryLast post 06 Jan 09, 15:14
The document has to be submitted before the 8th of January. Hallo! Nur zu meiner Sicherhei…2 Replies
Japan exports drop 46 % in JanuaryLast post 27 Apr 09, 17:56
weiter geht es mit: Japan's exports plunged 46 % in January compared with a year ago to hit…4 Replies
born on january 22nd ,1989Last post 29 Apr 10, 13:46
I was born on january 22nd, 1989 ist das die korrekte schreibweise? danke!4 Replies
recap of reimbursement, claim from JanuaryLast post 12 Jul 11, 17:34
Attached please find a recap of expenses for your reference. We still have not received your…3 Replies
Inauguration on every 20 th JanuaryLast post 26 Jan 09, 18:31
I have always been sort of fascinated by the fact that all American presidents are inaugurat…12 Replies
Given in chambers this 19th day of January....Last post 15 Jul 10, 16:25
Noch einmal aus dem eben schon zitierten Dokument, in dem jemand für vermutlich tot erklärt …3 Replies

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