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Laura / Lore (Name)Last post 14 Nov 08, 14:52
Ich interessiere mich fuer den Namen Laura oder Lore. Laura ist ein gelaeufiger Name hier…38 Replies
lore - der ZügelLast post 17 Jul 13, 04:13
2 lore noun Definition of LORE : the space between the eye and bill in a bird or the correspo3 Replies
loreLast post 14 Mar 08, 21:33
Her brothers had always been like lore to her. Ihre Brüder sind gestorben, Jedoch kann sie …1 Replies
Marketinglehre - marketing loreLast post 05 Apr 07, 16:39
Die klassische Marketinglehre unterscheidet 4 zentrale Aufgaben... Hallo! Ich frage mich ob …3 Replies
in loreLast post 13 Oct 08, 21:59
"the actor is much darker than in lore" How can that quote be translated into German? What …3 Replies
court-loreLast post 26 May 09, 20:59
For example: But, if we agree that folklore and court-lore serve socially distinct functions…4 Replies
history and loreLast post 13 Nov 09, 09:44
They are extremely knowledgeable, personable and love to tell stories about history and lore…6 Replies
the lore on Last post 22 Dec 12, 09:34
The lore on public nudity though, is a matter of prevailing public opinion. So your behaviou…14 Replies
broadening one's loreLast post 27 Oct 10, 00:06
In order to use the media as an informing opportunity of broadening one’s lore and getting a…2 Replies
Lore (Schienenfahrzeug in Minen)Last post 16 Jan 08, 11:39
Wort "Lore" wird gesucht. Dabei handelt es sich um diese kippbaren Schienenfahrzeuge in Berg…4 Replies