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legation, negaton, negatron Negatron

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negationLast post 20 Jan 04, 18:17
When you want to translate a sentence like "I haven't seen her wearing her new dress" or "I'…4 Replies
NegationLast post 26 Sep 08, 09:54
Wie wird die Negation auf Deutsch ausgedrückt? Ich spiele keinen Fussball. Ich spiele kein …35 Replies
NegationLast post 08 May 16, 22:04
Sie kommt heute nicht zu uns.Was ist die grammatische Rolle von "zu uns " in diesem Satz?Ist…9 Replies
universelle Negation - universal negationLast post 04 Dec 14, 16:54
Der Philosoph Edmund Husserl hat den Zweifel bei Descartes als "universelle Negation" kritis…1 Replies
"negation" + namelyLast post 25 Mar 17, 13:34
negative formulation + namely:"This formula, however, does not generally hold, namely, it ap…10 Replies
Verneinung negation - ?Last post 01 Mar 09, 05:51
There is noone. There isn't anyone. You're not there. You aren't there. Which one is correct?1 Replies
negation and scopeLast post 05 Aug 09, 23:25
Hi! Can anybody tell me the meaning of "Jeder Artz hat kein Auto" ? Does(/can) it really me…4 Replies
type of negationLast post 31 Oct 05, 00:38
Which version is correct? Do you want to take part in a quiz show and do not know the answe…5 Replies
prepositions and negationLast post 07 Sep 04, 08:55
Hi, I took this from the other thread, because it was too far away from the original questio…82 Replies
negation in GermanLast post 20 Jan 16, 19:07
Can anyone provide a link to a site that has a good explanation, particularly with examples,…28 Replies