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retrieval - BereitstellungLast post 11 Jun 12, 22:56
be|reit|stel|len : zur Benutzung an einen bestimmten Ort stellen, zur Verfügung stellen re…4 Replies
information retrieval - AbfrageLast post 11 Jan 04, 02:25
Begriff viel zu vage. Normalerweise wird Informationsrückgewinnung verwendet, ein Begriff, d…0 Replies
rack retrieval system - RegalbedienungsgerätLast post 24 Mar 11, 21:58
Diese Dinger heißen im Deutschen RegalBEDIENgeräte und nicht RegalBEDIENUNGSgeräte. Die Abkü…4 Replies
Retrieval Last post 11 Nov 14, 18:24
Retrieval: Process for the removal of an excipient from the distribution chain. Weiß jemand…3 Replies
retrievalLast post 16 May 10, 11:01
As a result of this large increase, Japan carried out more than 53,000 retrievals in 1998. …2 Replies
retrieval date in bibliography?Last post 07 May 08, 17:40
Hello, could anyone say if there's a rule related to retrieval dates in the bibliography of …1 Replies
Wiederfindungsrate - retrieval rateLast post 29 Jul 09, 10:40
This method has a recovery rate of 99,6% Oder: This method has a retrieval rate of 99,6% W…6 Replies
storage and retrieval machine - RegalbediengerätLast post 27 May 10, 10:20
DIN 15350: Regalbediengeräte, Grundsätze für Stahltragwerke, Berechnungen engl: Storage and …0 Replies
Lead retrievalLast post 16 Sep 08, 13:13
World-wide lead retrieval and registration6 Replies
perfusion retrievalLast post 04 Apr 05, 12:09
Follow-up studies were performed at 30, 60 and 180 days consist of phlebography, perfusion r…7 Replies