Possible base forms for "abandoned"

    abandon (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

abandonee, abandoner

Forum discussions containing the search term

abandoned constitutionLast post 16 Nov 07, 22:35
It also wants the government to explain how the new treaty diverges from the abandoned EU co…1 Replies
now-abandonedLast post 01 Jun 09, 12:21
the order Insectivora is a now-abandoned biological grouping of mammals I don't understand …5 Replies
abandoned byLast post 11 Apr 09, 19:04
An approach adopted in one case was subsequently abandoned by another case. Geht das so? Da4 Replies
abandoned vehicleLast post 19 Feb 10, 09:54
Wie nennt man im Deutschen Fahrzeuge, die vom Halter abgemeldet wurden, und dann irgendwo (z…3 Replies
abandoned personal estateLast post 25 Jun 09, 18:26
... to locate any of his extended relatives whom shall be claimants/beneficiaries of his aba…1 Replies
to be financially abandonedLast post 09 Jan 08, 14:27
Help, we're financially abandoned by our bank! Hallo, was heißt das auf Deutsch? Danke1 Replies
(abandoned) seal pup - der HeulerLast post 10 Aug 06, 10:37
Was sind eigentlich Heuler?\t Heuler sind bis zu fünf Wochen alte, allein liegende Robben-Ju…14 Replies
they have been orphaned or abandonedLast post 25 Nov 14, 12:37
Many dogs have been orphaned or abandoned by their owners because of the conflict http://ed…1 Replies
als verlassen wahrgenommen (Gebäude) - perceived abandoned (buildings)Last post 14 Sep 08, 16:05
stimmt das so?3 Replies
(not located in an) abandoned mine landLast post 25 Aug 16, 09:44
The plot is not located in a flood-prone area nor on abandoned mine lands. Das Grundstück b…6 Replies

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