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Minderung - abatementLast post 13 Mar 06, 23:02
Bei während der Garantiedauer festgestellten Mängeln hat XYZ die freie Wahl, Wandlung, Minde…2 Replies
abatement technologyLast post 04 Dec 07, 15:09
They must decide whether or not to incorporate a give abatement technology.1 Replies
abatement activitiesLast post 08 Aug 11, 10:35
Air emissions during demolition, renovation, or abatement activities. Es geht um Regulierun…2 Replies
tax abatementLast post 20 Oct 09, 14:54
I voted for the bond issue. It's gonna improve public education without a tax abatement. (wi…7 Replies
lead abatementLast post 28 Dec 11, 23:18
Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen, was "lead abatement" bedeutet? Vielen Dank.8 Replies
pollution abatement costsLast post 16 Jan 08, 20:26
A factor largely overlooked is that the sectors facing the greatest pollution abatement cost…2 Replies
abatement share(s)Last post 21 Aug 09, 12:40
(1)The objective of the social planner is to choose the optimal level of investment in innov…1 Replies
lead paint abatementLast post 22 Oct 15, 19:08
ist im Dokument nur als stichwortartige Aufgabe angegeben, neben z. B. Hochdruckwasserstrahl…4 Replies
abatement technologyLast post 12 Sep 08, 12:19
"abatement technologies have served as incentive..."1 Replies
marginal cost of pollution abatement bzw. marginal abatement costLast post 08 Jul 10, 13:42
Note that the disparity between the dominant firm’s marginal cost of pollution abatement (- …1 Replies