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accommodation, accommodation address - DeckadresseLast post 09 Apr 09, 12:24
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&7 Replies
accommodationLast post 20 Dec 11, 21:40
I would need an abbreviation for accommodation. A farm offers accommodation/meal. Is accom/m…1 Replies
accommodationLast post 11 Apr 12, 19:49
accommodation is an uncountable But can you talk about "an accommodation"? thanx5 Replies
accommodation draft - die GefälligkeitstratteLast post 12 Aug 04, 14:21
Das hier wurde gerade per Fehlereinsendung angezweifelt. Vorschlag war, die Gefälligkeitstra…8 Replies
accommodation , accommodations - die UnterkunftLast post 29 Jan 08, 14:01
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accommodation Accommodation (in British usage) or accommodation…1 Replies
Accommodation in NYLast post 05 Sep 07, 00:34
Hallo allerseits, bin schon lange fleißige Leo-Nutzerin und lese auch hier oft mit -- diese…12 Replies
Accommodation in LondonLast post 29 Apr 08, 14:42
A friend of mine (a chef) goes to London for an internship at a Hotel but doesn't yet have a…0 Replies
accommodation personnel - ScheingrundLast post 12 Jan 05, 13:40
Ich traf darauf, als ich verschiedene Übersetzungen für "personnel" suchte. Da erschien "acc…1 Replies
One night's accommodation? Two nights' accommodation?Last post 21 Jan 10, 23:15
Hi, I wonder if someone could help me out with a blank I am having here. If I want to talk a…2 Replies
accommodation way - ZufahrtswegLast post 01 Feb 05, 16:00
I am not familiar with the term "accommodation way" and it sounds very wrong to my native sp…7 Replies