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    accumulate (Verb) 

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accumulatedLast post 13 Apr 09, 16:20
If however a user error has occurred during reading, the error will be accumulated. komme m…2 Replies
accumulated bodyLast post 11 Nov 08, 15:59
accumulated body of knowledge Wie übersetze ich body in diesem Zusammenhang?1 Replies
accumulated damageLast post 13 Jan 16, 18:59
Early treatment can minimize inflammatory damage that may lead to accumulated damage and com…3 Replies
un-accumulated / non accumulated solar energyLast post 09 Aug 12, 17:43
Quelle für diese Formulierung ist die im Internet aufgetriebene englische Übersetzung des se…9 Replies
accumulated muscle fatigueLast post 18 Aug 10, 13:45
There are many possible causes of injury, for example accumulated muscle fatigue. schleiche…3 Replies
repetition row accumulated - kumulierte WiederholungsreiheLast post 04 Feb 16, 08:06
http://www.google.com/patents/EP2597880A1?cl=en&hl=de"... wherein [Summenzeichen] denotes a …1 Replies
wager using the points accumulatedLast post 20 Feb 13, 17:39
Prior to revealing the bonus question, all 4 teams will be presented with the question categ…1 Replies
but only on an accumulated basisLast post 24 Apr 14, 17:45
Grüß euch, Financial details, [...] will be shared with hotels [...] to perform our agreeme…3 Replies
Periodenwerte/kumulierte Werte... - Amount for period/accumulated values...Last post 01 May 04, 17:32
Ich muss eine Summen- und Saldenbilanz übersetzen (D-BrE). Für das Wort Periodenwerte habe…0 Replies
Surplus/ (deficit) for the year transferred to accumulated fundsLast post 12 Mar 10, 18:09
Aus einem Jahresabschluss: Income Cost of operations **Surplus/ (deficit) for the year tran…0 Replies

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