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acknowledgeLast post 16 Jul 07, 13:06
Reproduction and/or distribution of this document is authorised for non commercial purposes …11 Replies
acknowledge/ confirm ....Last post 09 Dec 10, 16:31
Hallo, ich habe gerade Schwierigkeiten mit der Übersetzung bzw. Grammatik. Kann man das so…12 Replies
acknowledge - confirmLast post 12 Feb 09, 15:35
Wann benutze ich acknowledege, wann confirm? Hintergrund ist wieder einmal eine technische …1 Replies
Quittieren \r\n - acknowledgeLast post 29 Nov 07, 14:01
Durch aktives Quittieren des Prüfers ist das Funktionieren von Beleuchtungen und Meldeeinric…7 Replies
fashionable to acknowledgeLast post 28 Mar 06, 17:33
India, the world's largest democracy, owes more than it is fashionable to acknowledge to Bri…1 Replies
agree and acknowledgeLast post 05 Mar 10, 18:13
The parties agree and acknowledge that ... hierfür gibt es sicher eine juristische "Redewen…8 Replies
to acknowledge - informierenLast post 06 Dec 05, 20:30
Visiting Fellows must acknowledge the Institute in any subsequent publications. http://www2…3 Replies
advise and acknowledgeLast post 11 Mar 12, 17:28
please debit my/our above mentioned account and advise and acknowledge. advise und acknowle…7 Replies
understand and acknowledgeLast post 21 Mar 12, 16:34
The subscriber understands and acknowledges that ... Ist aus einem Vertragstext. Ich hätte …7 Replies
secure acknowledge mode (comp)Last post 28 Mar 06, 10:31
To enhance the reliability of communication, MGE systems has developed a secure acknowledgme…0 Replies

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