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acoustics, acrostic

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acoustical, acoustically, sonic

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Acoustic emission - SchallemissionLast post 03 Nov 05, 19:39
http://www.beuth.de/langanzeige/38448608.html http://dat.dgzfp.de/pages/fa/fas/fa_sep/Kompen…0 Replies
Long Range Acoustic Device - SchallkanoneLast post 25 Sep 09, 22:12
The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a crowd-control and hailing device developed by Ame…0 Replies
acoustic modellingLast post 12 Jul 06, 12:30
acoustic modelling Dieser Ausdruck steht relativ zusammenhanglos in einer Auflistung. Es geh…1 Replies
Acoustic MicroscopyLast post 12 Apr 05, 17:07
www.jedec.org/download/search/jstd020c.pdf Final Acoustic Microscopy: Perform scanning acous…2 Replies
acoustic bafflesLast post 24 Apr 17, 17:25
Weiß jemand, wie man in folgendem Kontext "acoustic baffles" übersetzt?An internal stair lea…5 Replies
acoustic engineeringLast post 16 Jun 09, 09:22
"Research, Design and Development is at the core of xxx. Areas of expertise include fluid, …3 Replies
acoustic startleLast post 19 Jan 09, 18:15
Es geht um eine bestimmte Art von Schreckraktion, die durch ein unerwartet auftretendes laut…2 Replies
acoustic drapesLast post 15 Aug 10, 19:33
Acoustical Quiet Curtains and Drapes absorb sound within a room and block outside noise, and…2 Replies
acoustic gelLast post 23 Jan 10, 18:58
Acoustic gel was used for ultrasonic coupling between the membrane and the object. Quelle: …2 Replies
Acoustic bafflingLast post 05 Sep 19, 10:11
one of the fire officers says the a. b. was probably part of the Problem - it can be incred…5 Replies