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administrate, govern, manage

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to administer an anaesthesia - anästhesieren Last post 22 Nov 19, 14:14
LEO has:to administer an anaesthesia [MED.]                      anästhesiere5 Replies
administer vs administrateLast post 16 Nov 08, 21:35
noun: administration person:administrator adjective:administrative verb? 3 Replies
administrate or administerLast post 11 Feb 09, 09:41
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen administrate and administer? Wann benutze ich das eine, wan…2 Replies
to administer an anaesthesia [med.]   - eine Anästhesie anwendenLast post 19 Jan 05, 12:29
Following yesterday's discussion on "surgery" in the singular and pleural (thread "Operation…4 Replies
administer/give last ritesLast post 05 Jun 04, 12:12
Was ist gebräuchlicher, "to administer last rites" oder "to give last rites"? 1 Replies
to administer - passive formLast post 27 Jul 11, 20:32
"Each animal was intraperitoneally administered x mg/kg steroid on 3 successive days." or …3 Replies
counter-administer Last post 17 Feb 09, 12:39
To administer, accept and counter-administer oaths and to execute judgements in their favor …1 Replies
to administerLast post 08 Nov 09, 18:42
Interviewers can administer only 6 criteria, all criteria and/or add the associated symptoms…2 Replies
Verwaltung der Webpage - Administer WepbageLast post 28 Jul 09, 12:14
Kann man das so übersetzen? Es geht um eine "short description of duties" meiner Stelle in C…2 Replies
administer a testLast post 01 Nov 06, 16:46
in addition, looking for: test administrator (noun...) e.g. The test was administered to al…4 Replies