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admission - on oder at admissionLast post 26 Nov 07, 14:13
Patients were tested on (at?) admission and prior to discharge. Aufnahme und Entlassung aus …3 Replies
school admissionLast post 27 May 07, 21:29
Mike Baker discusses the rights and wrongs of school admission by lottery in his weekly colu…2 Replies
admission officerLast post 01 Apr 07, 11:23
William Caskey, a former Brown University admission officer, is an independent college admis…1 Replies
party admissionLast post 13 Aug 07, 20:52
(At court) Hearsay exception: party admission. In the USA, a party admission, in the law of…2 Replies
requiring admissionLast post 03 May 09, 14:27
one hundred patients requiring admission to hospital kennt jemand eine beduetung für requir…2 Replies
General AdmissionLast post 14 Aug 08, 05:41
General Admission ticket at an event. how would I translate "General Admission" into German…2 Replies
admission outcomeLast post 10 Jan 07, 15:10
Is there a payoff in admission outcomes for obtaining a higher ranking? Wie kann man diesen …4 Replies
Admission - ZugeständnisLast post 22 Nov 13, 11:43
Does "Zugeständnis" really also mean "Admission'? I'll allow "Concession" but isn't Admissi…2 Replies
oral admissionLast post 31 Jul 09, 17:21
oral admission ... found guilty of murdering his wife by suffocation and oral admission of …3 Replies
admission statementLast post 02 Jun 11, 09:50
New York police arrested the man, who made "admission statements" indicating he knew the lap…1 Replies

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