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advantage - der Advantage [Tennis]Last post 29 Aug 11, 14:05
Advantage, der Wortart: Substantiv, maskulin Gebrauch: Tennis englische Bezeichnung ..2 Replies
comparative advantage" vs. "competitive advantage"Last post 24 Jan 11, 10:50
Hallo ihr Lieben, kann mir jemand überzeugend den Unterschied zwischen "comparative advanta…7 Replies
take advantageLast post 04 Apr 07, 10:35
"take advantage" of the welfare system - die Ausnutzung des Sozialsystems Gesucht ist ein S…3 Replies
advantage forLast post 09 Aug 07, 13:09
This will be an advantage for her further study and career. Das stammt aus einer Beurteilun…3 Replies
ownership advantageLast post 23 Feb 07, 15:29
the source of bargaining power for the company is the ownership advantage" that it possesses.1 Replies
cc advantageLast post 22 Apr 06, 19:27
various pages found with google, some computer, some motorcycle. There seem to be various me…8 Replies
advantage playLast post 23 Feb 15, 21:31
User staking bets that have no or very minimal ability of return, with the sole purpose of i…3 Replies
positional advantageLast post 10 May 11, 15:13
Context: Competitive advantage stems from two sources of scarcity: positional advantages and…5 Replies
advantage - VorteilLast post 07 Apr 10, 18:14
I would appreciate to involve and engage myself to the advantage of your project. Klingt das…1 Replies
for advantageLast post 19 Nov 09, 10:20
collaborate for advantage ein Punkt unter "Leadership Competencies"2 Replies

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