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covered advertising - die SchleichwerbungLast post 21 Feb 18, 17:13
Q:What is covert advertising?A:QUICK ANSWERThe phrase "covert advertising" refers to adverti…3 Replies
negative advertisingLast post 02 Feb 13, 14:04
You might like this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/gallery/2013/jan/29/immigration-britain-m…22 Replies
counter-productive advertising Last post 08 Jul 13, 22:10
This just fluttered onto my desk. Apparently, this group of bank clerk trainees did this *ah…19 Replies
advertising / advertisementLast post 04 Feb 07, 16:51
Can anyone explain the difference between both terms. Is advertising a subordinated version …1 Replies
Printing / AdvertisingLast post 26 Sep 05, 12:18
Does anyone know a good link for English printing terms? I'm way out of my depth with Passe…1 Replies
advertising - anvertismentLast post 12 Oct 07, 21:09
could anyone tell me the difference between these two words? (I think one of the words is mo…2 Replies
Advertising - WerbewesenLast post 29 Jul 05, 03:48
Dietl 1986 Hatte gerade nach dem englischen Begriff für Werbewesen gesucht, und bei LEO nic…0 Replies
Advertising on national flagsLast post 29 Jun 12, 11:10
The yellow field at the bottom of the small German flag that I've mounted on the window of m…54 Replies
surreptitious advertising - SchleichwerbungLast post 29 Jun 05, 20:41
The term 'surreptitious advertising' seems extremely uncommon in English - to me it looks mo…11 Replies
mouth-to-mouth advertising - die Mund-zu-Mund-WerbungLast post 29 Aug 04, 22:49
Es gibt "Mund-zu-Mund-Beatmung" und "Mundpropaganda". Die obige Mischung ist nur lustig... D…15 Replies