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advocaat, advocated

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devil's advocateLast post 21 Oct 16, 08:18
In English, "to play the devil's advocate" is a common phrase. Is this also true in German? …26 Replies
advocateLast post 18 Jan 13, 11:01
"To help the adult with Down-Syndrome to prepare for the possible loss of key family caregiv…5 Replies
privacy advocate - DatenschützerLast post 22 Mar 21, 15:02
The Police Department will not proceed with the plan to take the pictures and will let a sea…2 Replies
Unterschied - Advocate, Lawyer, Attorney, Solicitor ?Last post 04 Nov 09, 00:03
Ist es egal welche Bezeichnung man verwendet oder sind sie kontextbezogen?3 Replies
solicitor-advocateLast post 17 Oct 08, 12:56
In the court, solicitor-advocate Adam Tudor told Mr Justice Eady the articles had suggested …1 Replies
appellate advocateLast post 01 Mar 09, 21:08
Prior to that, I was an appellate advocate for Hartshorn and Slaughter, one of the most pres…9 Replies
advocate customerLast post 18 May 11, 10:27
Hallo! Es geht um die Auswertung eines Fragebogens zur Kundenzufriedenheit. Neben fully sati…3 Replies
Health AdvocateLast post 01 Jul 10, 01:21
Im medizinischen Zusammenhang.2 Replies
customer advocateLast post 11 Jun 13, 19:23
Customer advocacy is a specialized form of customer service in which companies focus on what…2 Replies
advocate (newspaper) - verantwortliche RedakteurLast post 01 Dec 08, 16:34
was bedeutet es wenn bei der Zeitung vom Advocate die Rede ist? Welche Position hat derjenig…1 Replies