Possible base forms for "affirmative"

   affirmativ (Adjective)

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"affirmative" prejudice?Last post 08 Mar 11, 15:02
I am looking for a term to describe the kind of prejudice where someone assumes something _p…6 Replies
affirmative hearingLast post 30 May 08, 15:33
The justice secretary even suggests some senior judges could be subject to parliamentary aff…3 Replies
affirmative action Last post 10 Jun 07, 18:34
affirmative action ich weiß zwar was die deutsche übersetzung heißt, aber wie dass programm…1 Replies
affirmative actionLast post 05 Mar 21, 14:59
Irgendwo gehört und aufgeschnappt! Auf Deutsch? Danke7 Replies
affirmative hearingLast post 30 May 08, 22:48
Hi! Wir (ich und meine Studienkollegen) solen einen Text analysieren,und Wörter Übersetzen/P…0 Replies
Affirmative! - Verstanden!Last post 17 Dec 15, 09:37
A: Old blue nondescript pick-up truck with peeling paint on left hand side. Have you got tha…6 Replies
affirmative obligationsLast post 05 Nov 11, 18:24
Wie könnte man "affirmative obligations to the contrary" übersetzen? Kontext: Each party re…3 Replies
affirmative actionLast post 14 Jul 11, 17:10
The failure of either party to this Agreement to object to or to take affirmative action wit…1 Replies
affirmative reliefLast post 09 Jun 10, 19:38
"A request for attorney's fees is a claim for affirmative relief." Zitat aus einem Gerichts…1 Replies
separate affirmative defenseLast post 07 Aug 18, 13:51
"As a first and separate affirmative defense to the complaint and each cause of action there…5 Replies

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