Possible base forms for "allowed"

    allow (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

alloyed, hallowed

Forum discussions containing the search term

allowed fundingLast post 25 Nov 06, 14:24
The cost of only 3 of these projects in the period 2007-2013 is of around ¤ 60 Billion, and …1 Replies
be allowedLast post 16 Apr 08, 00:10
"Will we be allowed to simply drive through?" Monika asked Angela. My attempt: „Werden wir ei3 Replies
allowed inLast post 21 Apr 09, 16:14
They were often allowed in if somebody assumed their financial support Ich verstehe den gan…1 Replies
allowed as...Last post 11 Mar 08, 09:51
Hope ignored the men's insinuations and sideways looks, staring them coolly in the eye until…4 Replies
ließ - allowedLast post 16 Jan 18, 16:01
Habe zwei Beispiele, die mir unverständlich sind. Habe gelernt, dass das Wort "lassen" heiss…4 Replies
to allowed toLast post 06 Dec 04, 11:40
Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem mit allowed to: Der Satz: You may open the door übersetz…34 Replies
not be allowedLast post 05 Dec 07, 16:31
Now they were free citizens, but they hade the hardest and worst-paid jobs. They [B]were not…9 Replies
Listen Command AllowedLast post 14 Aug 14, 00:02
Listen Command Allowed Steht in einer Liste zusammen mit anderen Begriffen. Broadcast Comm…8 Replies
are allowed to Last post 20 Jul 11, 17:53
technische texte; Handbücher Sicherheitshinweise meine Frage ist ob das "allowed to" im ame…10 Replies
allowed reimbursable expensesLast post 03 Aug 11, 18:13
As requested, below are the allowable reimbursed expenses for the past 10 years for the mark…2 Replies

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