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ambassador - GesandterLast post 16 Jan 08, 10:20
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomatic_rank okay, wikipedia is not the gospel but I think t…2 Replies
ambassador - BotschafterLast post 24 Jan 07, 13:11
http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de/dings.cgi?lang=de&service=deen&opterrors=0&optpro=0&query1 Replies
ambassador to/ ambassador ofLast post 01 Nov 10, 18:01
Hallo Leute, ich habe gerade folgendes gelesen: the swiss ambassador to iran met with.....…3 Replies
cultural ambassadorLast post 12 Apr 16, 19:58
. Entspricht obiges einem Kulturattaché? (Dazu gibt es einen interessanten Eintrag bei Wiki…9 Replies
How to address an ambassadorLast post 09 Jun 05, 14:50
Might have the opportunity to meet Sir Peter Torry, the British Ambassador, at a QBR. Does a…9 Replies
ambassador slot - Stelle als BotschafterLast post 23 Mar 13, 20:55
President Clinton contacted he and asked if he would be interested in being a candidate for …1 Replies
ambassador to the UNLast post 17 Oct 07, 11:35
However, former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said President Ahmadinejad w…11 Replies
advocate, steward, and ambassadorLast post 27 Jul 15, 19:09
In your role on the international committee, you'll be an advocate, a steward, and an ambass…3 Replies
ambassador to a country - Botschafter in einem LandLast post 24 Oct 11, 18:13
It was in 1797 that Adams became ambassador to Prussia. -1 Replies
foreign ambassador presenting his credentials Last post 22 Sep 08, 18:09
He welcomed the major as if he were a foreign ambassador presenting his credentials to a hea…4 Replies