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analog analog, Analog-

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metaphor - analogy ???Last post 11 Jul 07, 16:21
Hi, does anyone know the difference between analogy and metaphor and could explain it? (if t…8 Replies
as/by analogy with ?Last post 28 Nov 11, 15:05
These differences in locomotion scores may be in part attributed to inherent variation in g…2 Replies
entertain this analogyLast post 23 Aug 13, 08:42
So let’s entertain this analogy that ‘love is like a drug’ a bit further… kann ich hier auc7 Replies
To give an analogyLast post 02 Aug 11, 22:10
God is the Potter and we're the clay. This, in fact, is the analogy that Paul gives earlier …11 Replies
razor and razorblade analogyLast post 30 Dec 10, 00:26
Kontext: In the past, small cars were the razor and razor blade analogy. suche ein deutsche…2 Replies
to apply analogously, to apply by analogy - analog anwendenLast post 19 May 09, 20:12
Dietl/Lorenz "Wörterbuch für Recht, Wirtschaft und Politik1 Replies
by analogy with sth. - in Analogie zu etw.Last post 13 Jun 13, 17:08
Sets of instructions do not and cannot evolve by natural selection acting on random mutation…1 Replies
eine Analogie weiter treiben - to drive an analogy furtherLast post 26 Feb 14, 17:59
My translation sounds a little too german to me...12 Replies
...zeigen eine größere / höhere Übereinstimmung - ...show a higher analogyLast post 21 Jul 14, 12:14
...the size distribution shows a higher analogy, rather corresponding... Hallo! Ich habe so…10 Replies
to draw an analogy between x & yLast post 15 Jun 09, 15:09
- what is the verb that is commonly used in connection with Analogy eine Analogie ziehen....?8 Replies