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any longer - weiterhinLast post 02 Aug 06, 16:23
Anymore kann zwar sowohl die Bedeutung "now" wie auch "any longer" haben (MW: http://www.m-w…1 Replies
anyLast post 11 Dec 16, 09:59
Anybody who wants to consume breakfast rolls or any other private goods has to pay for them.…11 Replies
Any Game Players?Last post 25 Nov 14, 17:06
I'm searching for Gesellschaftsspiele for gifts and in the past have gotten some good tips f…20 Replies
Any Paddies around? :)Last post 10 Jun 10, 10:49
I have an Irish student who told me about at concert with Gaelic music she went to and asked…9 Replies
Any podcasting LEOnines?Last post 20 May 19, 23:32
Due to this thread by california81 - https://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGeneraldiscussion.php?id…4 Replies
any - anyLast post 20 Mar 06, 15:37
Thanks! There is no obligation to prepare any annual accounts for X on a stand-alone basis. …3 Replies
any document - any documents?Last post 29 May 20, 10:54
Hallo! Also ich glaube mich an meine Schulzeit erinnern zu können, wo wir im Englischunterri…10 Replies
any the wiser / any wiserLast post 11 Dec 05, 08:50
Hi, what's the difference between the two? It seems to me that "he wasn't any wiser", wise i…3 Replies
Any tips for Ötztal?Last post 27 May 11, 11:26
We're going to Ötztal in Austria this summer - a little village called Sölden - and I wonder…10 Replies
City break - any tips?Last post 19 Aug 17, 00:38
As you had such brilliant ideas about London, I'd like to ask for your recommendations again…27 Replies