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Aussagen in der direkten Rede¹ werden in Anführungszeichen gesetzt. Dabei können sowohl einfache (‘…’) als auch doppelte (“…”) Anführungszeichen² verwendet werden. Einfache Anführu…

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"appropriate"Last post 03 Aug 09, 00:35
Wie verwende ich das Wort "appropriate" - bei einem Satz mit "hinterziehen". ...Und wie kann…4 Replies
Swearword appropriate?Last post 18 May 09, 10:03
I'm translating a German text which uses a rude English phrase in the original, and reading …13 Replies
whenever appropriateLast post 04 Mar 13, 07:56
In welcher Form wäre dieser Satz korrekt? The speaker does not use intervocalic consonant s…5 Replies
confidently appropriate ...Last post 06 Apr 07, 19:59
To have high self-esteem is to feel confidently appropriate to life, that is, competent and …0 Replies
to appropriateLast post 10 Jun 07, 22:49
there are a variety of reasons to believe that investors do not appropriate the full value o…1 Replies
appropriate exerciseLast post 11 Nov 09, 21:57
Hallo, ich brauche ein wenig Hilfe^^ Moreover, the Child Abuse Prevention Law (Law No. 82 of…3 Replies
appropriate toLast post 25 Aug 10, 08:03
All previous resource estimates were completed by a length-weighted inverse distance squared…1 Replies
appropriate formsLast post 11 Dec 08, 09:44
I am interested in job vacancy ref:24A679Z please send me the appropriate forms4 Replies
appropriate measuresLast post 19 Aug 09, 15:12
I hope you will take the appropriate measures to ensure this woman does not repeat the same …3 Replies
appropriate provisionLast post 28 Aug 08, 14:01
curriculum design ensures that appropriate provision is made for the acquisition of general …3 Replies

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