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approved, approver

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approveLast post 03 Apr 10, 19:42
The president can approve laws. Heißt das,dass der Präsident Gesetze verabschieden kann,ode…1 Replies
Asking health insurance to approve treatmentLast post 05 Mar 14, 17:29
I need a minor operation and have a letter from the hospital saying this, which they told me…9 Replies
sanction / approve / countenance - Unterschiede?!?Last post 31 Jan 06, 02:16
Kann mir jemand mal erklären, wo der Unterschied in der (juristischen) Verwendung dieser Beg…0 Replies
I approve this message.Last post 12 Aug 12, 07:35
I assume this is an Americanism. When candidates are on TV/radio, and they have made their c…17 Replies
to formally approve the actions of so. - Antrag auf jmds. Entlastung stellenLast post 10 Aug 09, 10:28
to formally approve the actions of so. -- Antrag auf jmds. Entlastung stellen Die Deutsche …0 Replies
pre-approveLast post 05 Nov 06, 10:44
the takeover act (Unternehmensübernahmegesetz) gives shareholders the power to pre-approve d…2 Replies
approve regulationsLast post 07 Apr 08, 10:55
the government shall approve regulations on access to the port Danke! Die Bella!1 Replies
I approveLast post 14 May 11, 15:27
I see the pic of some friend's new boyfriend and simply want to comment, "I approve."2 Replies
overwhelmingly approveLast post 05 Apr 11, 09:04
xx’s shareholders overwhelmingly approve the appointment of three highly experienced candida…2 Replies
"... and I approve / endorse this message." (Wahlwerbespot USA)Last post 13 May 10, 12:19
Warum sagen die Kandidaten in amerikanischen TV-Wahlwerbespots am Ende immer bspw. "My name …1 Replies