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arc tangent - der Arcustangens Last post 08 Feb 06, 08:13
Der "Arkustangens" schreibt sich meines Wissens schon lange mit "k", nicht "c". Duden Unive…17 Replies
open arc - nackter LichtbogenLast post 30 Sep 08, 11:38
open arc -- nackter Lichtbogen > Die Bezeichnung kommt aus der Schweißtechnik. Muss heißen: …0 Replies
arc welder's eye - die SchweißerophtalmieLast post 26 Oct 16, 15:54
Rechtschreibfehler.0 Replies
Segmentbogen - arc segment/arc segment mount /arc segment holderLast post 08 Aug 08, 14:29
Der MH E besteht aus dem Segmentbogen A http://www.leica-microsystems.com/pdfs.nsf/(ALLIDs)/…1 Replies
electric steel - elektrostahlLast post 20 May 05, 11:40
Electric steel is most definitely not what might be called "elektrostahl". The translation u…4 Replies
arcLast post 26 Jun 08, 12:39
arc in a graph Hallo! Wenn bei mathematischen Schaubildern von "arc" die Rede ist, muss man…7 Replies
arcLast post 17 Jan 05, 13:11
At the lower transport level, the circuits are routed through nodes which are connected to e…4 Replies
arcLast post 25 Mar 08, 12:17
During the course of the series, the serial arc was moved into and out of individudal episod…3 Replies
arc Last post 16 Nov 13, 12:03
The last concer by the Sex Pistols was probably their best. They finished with their slowest…2 Replies
story arc / plot arcLast post 04 Nov 10, 19:52
As in a dramatic structure - rising action, climax, denouement, etc. Plot/Handlung is fine …2 Replies