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articled, auricle, particle, reticle

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clause, paper, product, item, commodity

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articleLast post 22 Nov 02, 03:03
Can the indefinite article "a" be used in the following sentence? This divergence of spellin…2 Replies
ArticleLast post 24 Jan 10, 11:59
Hello, that concerns the title of my work about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Does Arnold Schwar…2 Replies
Article or no articleLast post 25 May 09, 19:00
Could somebody please explain to me the rule for the use of the definite article in the foll…6 Replies
article or Article? (law)Last post 03 Dec 09, 17:17
Ich bin jetzt etwas verwirrt, weil ich beides schon gefunden habe. Schreibt man "article" (e…3 Replies
staff-written article - contributed articleLast post 17 Jul 08, 16:54
Hi, I am doing Public Relations in Germany and I am trying to translate: staff-written arti…2 Replies
companies - article or no articleLast post 03 Feb 07, 09:18
My question is, when you put an article in front of a company's name? Example: Die Schering …2 Replies
definite articleLast post 18 Sep 02, 11:58
Authorization distributor assigns the activity groups for users from his division. Authoriza…2 Replies
first articleLast post 30 Nov 06, 16:13
supplier is require to provide "first articel" for inspection and/or test... Hi, kann mir hi…4 Replies
article expertLast post 25 Sep 07, 08:19
Why do I say e.g. "THE poet Byron", but "violinist Mary K." (according to some grammar exerc…4 Replies
Article Drectories Last post 11 Dec 08, 11:21
kann man das Übersetzen - weiß jemand, was das ist oder kann mir einen Link schicken, wo ich…3 Replies

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