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kommunizieren - articulateLast post 15 Mar 12, 10:43
1 Although X migth be the responsibility of certain groups, it is articulated at a community…3 Replies
to articulate - lagernLast post 20 Dec 05, 18:17
Ernst, Wörterbuch der industriellen Technik Diese Übersetzungsmöglichkeit sollte auch aufta…7 Replies
articulate truck (autom.) - SattelschlepperLast post 18 Aug 11, 23:39
There is no entry for articulated truck in the AHDE. The AE would be tractor-trailer1 Replies
articulate probeLast post 23 Apr 07, 20:18
The UL articulate probe without web stop is capable of being used for openings having a mino…1 Replies
articulate positionLast post 25 Sep 07, 19:00
kann mir viell jemand sagen wie man "articulate position" und "linearised position" übersetz…3 Replies
co-articulateLast post 08 Jun 09, 10:38
This is because all sounds are co-articulated, or "shingled to gether", with one phoneme ove…1 Replies
articulate storiesLast post 18 Dec 15, 00:27
A.Z. New Director of Communications She began her career agency-side where she helped brands…4 Replies
semi-articulateLast post 13 Jun 10, 01:45
Apes are semi-articulate. Quelle: Film "Beneath the planet of the apes" (1970)11 Replies
Poly-articulate armLast post 20 Sep 07, 19:36
Es geht um Prüfvorrichtungen ... for measurements on 3D machine or poly-articulate arm. Für…2 Replies
An articulate personLast post 22 Mar 07, 20:57
We recommen this person to any employer looking to take on a focused, articulate employee. …1 Replies