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assemblyLast post 19 Feb 08, 10:50
assemblies of E. N. Bell referred to..... hi! da muss irgendein text oder so gemeint sein, …5 Replies
assemblyLast post 24 Oct 09, 12:23
“Source Code Materials” means the non-executable, human readable version of any Software2 Replies
assemblyLast post 11 Jul 09, 10:36
These regimes differ from the common parliamentary type in that there are two agents of the …4 Replies
assemblyLast post 10 Mar 22, 16:58
We had to go to chapel once a week, on Tuesday mornings for assembly. (In einem Privatintern…12 Replies
staged assembly / unlocked assembly processLast post 18 Feb 08, 14:45
Our strollers are manufactured in a staged assembly process. During each step, the stroller f3 Replies
Montagebügel - assembly bail/assembly bracketLast post 10 Jul 08, 13:01
Montagebuegel\tassembly bail (List of terms, mostly referring to locomotives.) Here, once ag…4 Replies
production assemblyLast post 16 Aug 07, 17:05
production assembly kann es so viel, wie Produktionsphase bzw. Produktionsvorgang heißen?1 Replies
assembly pollLast post 29 Mar 08, 19:47
Leaders of six Gujjar and Bakerwal organisations have demanded that the Assembly poll due in…2 Replies
Bladder AssemblyLast post 12 May 08, 10:06
Das ist ein Teil einer Schwimmhilfe - wird mit Luft gefüllt, um den Kopf über das Wasser zu …1 Replies
mast assemblyLast post 18 Jun 07, 00:50
of a forklift Never put any part of your body through the mast assembly area1 Replies

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