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atmospheric modeLast post 19 Dec 07, 22:49
Attribution must acknowledge thi important role of natural atmospheric modes, including the …4 Replies
atmospheric agentsLast post 07 Feb 07, 11:00
das ganze mit atmosphärische Reinigunsmittel zu übersetzten ergibt keinen sinn.5 Replies
atmospheric intermediate Last post 13 Mar 08, 12:21
an atmospheric intermediate sour water storage tank that was part of the Sour Water Stripper…2 Replies
atmospheric contaminationLast post 03 Mar 10, 20:25
The work area shall be provided with adequate natural or mechanical ventilation to protect p…1 Replies
net atmospheric increaseLast post 21 Sep 08, 12:59
Kontext: "Intensity of CFC consumption (net atmospheric increase in relation to GNP per capi…1 Replies
Atmospheric Blowdown systemLast post 10 Mar 08, 17:45
Release of Raffinate to Atmospheric Blowdown system Es geht um einne Raffinerie Danke0 Replies
Atmospheric Climate CongressLast post 31 Aug 10, 22:15
Atmospheric Climate Congress "Atmosphärischer Klimakongress" geht wohl kaum ;-) Vorschläge?3 Replies
atmospheric breaks/ siphonageLast post 15 Dec 09, 11:30
Autoclaves should have drains with atmospheric breaks to prevent back siphonage. Autoklaven…1 Replies
atmospheric C02 concentrationLast post 23 Nov 07, 12:43
Beispielsatz: "Our aim was to record atmospheric CO2 concentrations." atmosphärische Kohlen…4 Replies
air at atmospheric pressureLast post 28 Feb 07, 20:25
- in the upper part of the reserve tube, air at atmospheric pressure is replaced by nitrogen 3 Replies

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