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authorityLast post 16 Jun 09, 09:58
- stautory requirements - standads & tests Ich steh hier total auf dem Schlauch. Ich hab hi…4 Replies
authorityLast post 14 Aug 07, 16:31
- Listen, superintendent, if this is terrorism, then it belongs somewhere else. - Oh, so you…4 Replies
authorityLast post 20 Apr 11, 16:02
It is important to show appropriate respect for authority. Hi, Ich möchte dieses Testitem ü…5 Replies
corporate authorityLast post 20 Aug 07, 16:02
Corporate Authority als Paragraphenüberschrift in einem Vertrag, wobei der Paragraph sich da…2 Replies
authority allocationLast post 28 Feb 05, 15:16
For instance, suppose that the organization can develop alternative personnel management met…1 Replies
hosting authorityLast post 10 May 05, 20:29
The employer is the hosting authority for this project. Is there anybody who can help me how…2 Replies
monetary authorityLast post 27 Sep 06, 09:44
Monetary authorities try to envisage their beliefs to the markets in many ways. Gemeint sind…2 Replies
endorsing authorityLast post 05 May 06, 23:04
Ich übersetze gerade einen englischen Führerschein. Dort geht es um die Unterschrift einer "…1 Replies
broadcasting authorityLast post 10 May 06, 11:32
Kontext: Bericht über innenpolitische Situation im Iran. The Iranian president ordered unpr…1 Replies
taxing authorityLast post 14 Nov 06, 20:10
"Taxing authority" also means the educational service center governing board that serves as …2 Replies

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