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adjuvant, ancillary, supplementary, assistant

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auxiliaryLast post 03 May 15, 00:23
"The Auxiliary - A multi-disciplinary artist in residence programme" (Überschrift einer Proj…6 Replies
auxiliary - auxiliarLast post 06 Dec 11, 12:51
[...] auxiliary adj. - helfend [...] auxiliary adj. - hilfreich [...] auxiliary adj.- unt…0 Replies
stattfinden + auxiliaryLast post 06 Nov 12, 10:27
In Hochdeutsch it's hat stattgefunden (rather than ist stattgefunden). However it's ist pass…7 Replies
Auxiliary MovementLast post 22 Feb 09, 21:58
Hi zusammen, ich habe das heute aufgeschnappt, kann damit aber nichts anfangen. Hat jemand …1 Replies
"Defective auxiliary"Last post 18 Sep 02, 09:58
Does any body know what a defective auxiliary is? It seems to refer to expressions like to …7 Replies
auxiliary requestLast post 31 Mar 08, 14:55
if the communication is based on an auxiliary request and you reply within the time limit se…13 Replies
auxiliary bayLast post 25 Aug 09, 15:28
header in auxiliary bay aus einer Aufzählung versch. Positionen (Dampfkesseltechnik)0 Replies
auxiliary threadLast post 10 Jun 09, 12:34
chewing the scenery http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=746195&idForum=&2 Replies
auxiliary propositionsLast post 01 Apr 09, 15:07
core asumptions define a paradigm, but auxiliary propositions are required to specify it a…9 Replies
auxiliary wellLast post 09 Oct 11, 15:45
"Once the canisters with the virus are connected to the auxiliary well I can direct the cont…4 Replies

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