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anvil, aval, cavil, Naval, naval, vail Aval, vagil

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benefit, gain, advantage, rake-off, profit

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AvailLast post 23 Feb 06, 18:22
I'm reading a translated text where the author has written "Her words were of avail". Can on…25 Replies
availLast post 15 Sep 08, 15:58
If either of the Parties fails to avail itself of the non-compliance by the other Party with…3 Replies
have been of no avail - sind nicht beachtet wurden Last post 08 Feb 05, 13:48
Typo.7 Replies
to avail - erhaltenLast post 24 Feb 09, 09:25
SHGs can open their savings accounts and also can avail credit from ... Ich lese einen Text, 2 Replies
to be of no avail\t \t \t - nichts nützen hauptsächlich (Österr.; Schweiz; Süddt.) | nützte, genützt |Last post 06 Mar 14, 16:57
http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/nutzen bei etwas von Nutzen sein; für die Erreichung ein…2 Replies
to that availLast post 05 May 05, 14:13
To that avail an algorithm shall be presented ... Should be translated with "dazu", "zu dies…0 Replies
avail oneself toLast post 05 May 05, 13:23
However, I found that upon multiple readings, the book avails itself to the patient reader. …4 Replies
avail oneself ofLast post 31 Jan 09, 04:36
In each case, this strategy involves informants availing themselves of a means to enact thei…4 Replies
avail themselves of this facilityLast post 05 May 05, 14:24
Auf der Rückseite einer Geburtsurkunde aus GB: If the parents or guardians wish to avail the…1 Replies
sich (einer Theorie bzw. Forschungsergebnissen) bedienen - to avail oneselfLast post 05 Oct 06, 11:01
Chapter 5 then avails itself of xy theories and of research on the impact of, and responses …2 Replies