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    avoid (Verb) 

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"approaching and avoiding"Last post 15 Jun 09, 12:10
The industry has been "approaching and avoiding" a change in how it is paid for many years.3 Replies
avoiding the extremesLast post 14 Jan 16, 18:46
Avoiding the extremes. In the age of modernism and skepticism, it was common to "demythologi…6 Replies
avoiding a companyLast post 14 Aug 17, 11:56
Similarly, avoiding Company xy was costly as the large-cap stock strongly rallied in the thi…3 Replies
self-avoiding polygonsLast post 14 Apr 11, 22:43
In this book we will primarily be concerned with the properties of self-avoiding polygons. …3 Replies
andere (here) - avoiding "other"Last post 03 Dec 08, 18:57
Auf der anderen Anzeige wird angezeigt, daß diese während der Auswahl der Funktionen nicht z…9 Replies
Avoiding repetition of 'the ones'Last post 27 Mar 20, 13:05
Hi guys, I have the following sentence:"The results for mehtod A are better than the ones of…2 Replies
Avoiding numbers at start of sentenceLast post 26 Jan 07, 15:45
Alkohol haben 70% der Jungen schon einmal getrunken. In the case of alcohol, 70% of boys hav…17 Replies
Umgehungsland - interim country avoiding the embargoLast post 14 Apr 09, 20:38
Aus einem Exporttext: Source "Gibt es Anhaltspunkte dafür, dass durch den Export nicht-geli…3 Replies
Auf...zu verzichten bedeutet... - avoiding... meansLast post 17 Aug 11, 11:50
Auf den Einsatz von xxx zu verzichten bedeutet einen wesentlichen Schritt hin zu einer optim…1 Replies
Avoiding cuss words - Gosh darn it! etc.Last post 21 Mar 14, 21:56
I want to build up my vocabulary in terms of pseudo-cuss words. I just wanted to say the equ…36 Replies

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