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Orthographically similar words

axle Faxe, Haxe, Taxe

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ax, hatchet

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ax[AE], axe[BE] - (all entries)Last post 18 Aug 09, 21:28
This seems to be based on a misconception of various BE dictionaries. However, all AE dictio…2 Replies
axe-throwing (auch: axe throwing) - das AxtwerfenLast post 28 Apr 19, 12:21
Deutsch:das Axtwerfen:https://de.nachrichten.yahoo.com/das-war-knapp-frau-verletzt-sich-um-e…1 Replies
ax AE, axe BE - die HackeLast post 22 Sep 07, 18:32
Hacke, die ... 3. (österr.) Beil, Axt. Duden - Deutsches Universalwörterbuch 2003 Ha|cke …6 Replies
Ice Axe - EisbeilLast post 27 Jan 10, 23:27
http://www.abenteuerbox.de/eisklettern/eisbeileispickel/index.php As a climber I find that m…0 Replies
ask vs. axe AELast post 26 Oct 09, 12:36
Mittlerweile scheint das "AXE" um sich zu greifen, für mich als nicht native speaker hört si…34 Replies
axe wound - FotzeLast post 21 Jun 11, 04:31
Vieler meiner englischen Freunde haben dieses Wort als Synonym für "Fotze" benutzt. Es ist s…1 Replies
battle-axeLast post 31 Dec 07, 17:14
Grandma was a battle-axe: constantly harping and criticising people.3 Replies
yakety axeLast post 17 Apr 11, 12:07
Song by chet atkins - at one stage he sings "I use my yakety axe.... What's that in german? …2 Replies
axe threatLast post 23 Dec 14, 17:43
Christian radio station faces deadline to beat axe threat Britain’s largest Christian broadc…10 Replies
social axeLast post 29 Dec 09, 12:07
After the social axe he gave a final f... about what people would think. I need to know wha…1 Replies