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Orthographically similar words

badge, bagger, banger, bodger, cadger b-Ader, Bader, Bagger

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pester, plague, bauson, torment, importune, brock

Forum discussions containing the search term

badger bluesLast post 19 Sep 06, 14:26
in connection with pain, disea thanks a lot!17 Replies
baby badgerLast post 19 Mar 09, 13:27
the baby badger Thank you very much for your help!3 Replies
sea badgerLast post 26 Nov 08, 23:47
Looking out of the half-open door, Tabitha could see the little sea badger wind its way up t…5 Replies
team badgerLast post 01 Oct 12, 08:31
haven't really an example - just watching tv where some guys make fun of someone who's a tea…4 Replies
hog badger (Arctonyx collaris) - SchweinsdachsLast post 25 Nov 11, 17:38
Hog badgers live in Southeast Asia and the large islands nearby. auch: Riesendachs?1 Replies
hog badger - Schweinsdachs, m - Riesendachs, m (Arctonyx collaris)Last post 11 Jul 17, 19:15
  http://www.spektrum.de/lexikon/biologie/dachse/16643...  In Südostasien lebt der Schweinsd…0 Replies
half-man-half-badgerLast post 16 Feb 09, 12:51
"badger" = Dachs (laut leo) Ich lese gerade ein Buch, in dem ein Mann als "half-man-half-ba…11 Replies
rough as a badger's arseLast post 13 Mar 14, 11:28
This Charming Man by Keyes, Marian (2012), a novel3 Replies
(American) badger (Taxidea taxus) - Silberdachs, m - Amerikanischer Dachs, m (Taxidea taxus) Last post 04 Jun 17, 18:45
  http://www.markuskappeler.ch/tex/texs/silberd...Der Silberdachs (Taxidea taxus) gehort inn…0 Replies
Rock Hyrax - Klippschliefer oder Klippdachs Last post 04 Jul 20, 12:29
Wissenschaftlicher Name "Procavia capensis" Vergleiche Deutsche und Englische Wiki Seite den…4 Replies