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bang, Bang, blag, brag Balg, bang, Blag

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pocket, sack, pouch, balloon

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bag - SackerlLast post 14 Apr 08, 18:53
(sollte bekannt sein) Bisher findet sich in Leo - trotz Münchner Heimat - ausschließlich de7 Replies
bagLast post 06 Nov 09, 17:26
what's my bag? it's milk, baby, yeah! (aus print-werbung "got milk?") was umhimmelswillen b…2 Replies
bagLast post 14 Oct 14, 19:08
I could not see a soul, so I went out by the front door into the street. Someone shouted "Co…1 Replies
bag - JagdstreckeLast post 18 Nov 08, 19:20
4 a : a quantity of game taken; also : the maximum legal quantity of game http://www.m-w.com…13 Replies
bag - GuckLast post 17 Sep 11, 13:41
http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Tuete Synonyme: (süddeutsch) Guck http://www.undinger.d…19 Replies
shopping bag vs. plastic bagLast post 30 Sep 09, 10:00
When the store clerk wants to stuff your merchandise into a thin plastic bag and you want to…17 Replies
D Bag (not douche bag) ???Last post 08 Oct 09, 23:52
seems to be common swear word on the Missoula-campus, also in writing on doors, toilet walls…3 Replies
tea-bag vs. tea bagLast post 04 Jan 11, 16:16
I am correcting a text for the U.K. market which also features "tea bags", sometimes written…10 Replies
Piping Bag - SpritztülleLast post 11 Mar 08, 09:42
http://www.cookware.co.uk/shop?code=1806 "Icing Set contains nozzles for 12 different types …3 Replies
tote bagLast post 18 Aug 08, 12:47
In amerika nennt man so einige Einkaufstaschen, leo führt "tote" als "tragen, transportieren…5 Replies

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