Possible base forms for "banking"

    bank (Verb) 


Background, Bestseller, Secondhandshop, Squaredance, Swimmingpool, Taskforce

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electronic banking [Bank.] - das Electronic BankingLast post 17 Sep 21, 10:59
Deutsch:das Electronic Banking und das E-Banking:http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/E_Banki…2 Replies
banking arm Last post 12 Apr 05, 00:32
a study conducted in the wholesale banking arm of a major financial institution Ich bräuchte…8 Replies
banking holidayLast post 20 Apr 06, 15:32
Hier ist ganz bestimmt nicht der Bankenurlaub gemeint.... Kennt sich jemand mit der Bankensi…9 Replies
banking facilitiesLast post 21 May 06, 23:38
Was muss ich mir unter "banking facilities" vorstellen? Ich verstehe auch den Satz nicht: "W…3 Replies
prudential banking Last post 15 Jul 09, 12:10
Establishment of supervisory structure and prudential banking wie würden sie "prudential" ü…8 Replies
banking privilegeLast post 17 Aug 07, 09:38
The application for financing the equipment has been declined because the Banque de France s…1 Replies
Banking detailsLast post 22 Jul 12, 14:37
Details der Bank ? Einzelheiten der Bank (Das hört sich falsch an)16 Replies
tissue bankingLast post 06 Jun 08, 12:47
If you wish to support such research, you may choose to have your tissue stored at a central…7 Replies
depository bankingLast post 27 Sep 09, 21:38
Having the money to lend is called depository banking, because banks have to maintain big de…2 Replies
banking markets Last post 29 Aug 09, 10:59
Legally, the rules on euro area banking markets are quite homogeneous, but interest rate dif…1 Replies

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