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überwiegend - basically Last post 23 Jun 08, 12:11
Die Pedalstellung war über den gesamten Geschwindigkeitsbereich überwiegend neutral. The pedal4 Replies
basicallyLast post 20 Oct 09, 09:23
Hotel: Rooms are basically equipped with own bathroom In diesem Satz bitte ich um eure Hilf…6 Replies
To put it basically, ....Last post 24 Sep 14, 17:39
Until just now, when doing an exercise on the British Council's website, I had never heard t…3 Replies
von Haus aus - basically, as a rule (here)Last post 05 Sep 07, 13:56
Sicherheitsaspekte wollen wir von Haus aus sofort erfüllen. This couldn't also mean "from ou…5 Replies
Könnten Sie sich generell vorstellen,... - Could you basically imagine ...Last post 26 Oct 10, 15:19
Could you basically imagine employing me as a PhD student? Ich schreibe eine Mail an einen P…1 Replies
I basically like eat everything except Gemüse.Last post 29 Oct 07, 20:05
... Wie sagt man dies?5 Replies
The blood test results are all basically consistentLast post 16 Feb 17, 14:09
The blood test results are all basically consistent from all the labs to prove infection4 Replies
The pila is basically a Guatemalan home stapleLast post 21 Apr 10, 13:04
The pila is basically a Guatemalan home staple. Normally the pila design has a water tank in…3 Replies
Basically nothing seems worth thinking about, but such is lifelife. Last post 30 Apr 07, 13:15
Habe ich aus einem Gästebuch ohne Absender Ich möchte bitte die genaue Übersetzung. Habe es…1 Replies
This coherence is formulated in diverse variations of Moore’s law, which basically state that the number of transistors on microchips double in a fixed time interval Last post 02 Sep 10, 13:27
Ist in diesem Satz der Ausdruck transistors on microchips korrekt? D.h., sind Transistoren a…2 Replies