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batter, buttery, cattery Batteur, Blatter

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cell, storage-battery, accumulator

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batteryLast post 17 Jun 08, 19:11
Aus einem Praktikumsbericht: Legal opinion on the application on the ACC (Accident Compensa…2 Replies
batteryLast post 13 Jun 17, 22:24
...extensive battery of public family policies... (Hoem, Jan 2005: Why does Sweden have suc…7 Replies
batteryLast post 13 May 16, 18:25
There are the batteries in bars 16 to 25 in the Prelude in d-minor of the "Well tempered Cla…6 Replies
batteryLast post 16 Jul 09, 10:28
Sure there was the occasional assault and BATTERY, the occasional store theft and the occasi…3 Replies
main battery/house batteryLast post 09 Oct 12, 13:07
Es geht um einen Ladestromverteiler: When the engine ist started, the isolator engages, all…7 Replies
battery life; battery life spanLast post 04 Jan 11, 14:33
Heute im Baumarkt in der englischen Verpackungsbeilage gesehen. Abend, heißt das "Batterie…17 Replies
battery post - BatteriepolLast post 30 Jul 17, 20:31
Stellen Sie sicher, dass das rote Kabel an den positiven Batteriepol und das schwarze a. Ka…2 Replies
battery stack - BatteriebankLast post 29 Jul 11, 07:31
battery stack: http://www.ceic.unsw.edu.au/centers/vrb/vanart2a.htm battery bank: Google-Bi…0 Replies
Battery lifeLast post 14 Dec 07, 17:15
Hi Ich habe folgenden Satz: High power consumption significatly reduces the battery life. …3 Replies
missile batteryLast post 25 Apr 07, 18:06
The military base was surrounded by the enemy's missile batteries. Rakten-Batterie? Oder gi…3 Replies

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