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becomingLast post 15 Feb 13, 13:02
...the requirements of this position, which I find truly interesting and becoming. was heis…2 Replies
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Vielleicht kann jemand mich bezüglich der Bedeutung dieser Kurzgeschichte erhellen: http://…1 Replies
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Headline: Is Ukraine becoming a dictatorship? Ist die Ukraine im Begriffe, eine Diktatur …4 Replies
Since becoming... - Seit ...Last post 06 Jun 08, 16:04
Since becoming a feegan, MS. Nelson has been spending a lot of time making rounds for food a…3 Replies
das Entstehen - becomingLast post 09 Jan 06, 16:20
Coverage begins with the becoming of the insurable interest of the policy holder. (soll he…5 Replies
Will roaming charges stop Scotland becoming independent? Last post 01 Jul 13, 14:22
Something priceless (IMO) from the Telegraph again :-) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance…8 Replies
"becoming part of" oder "becoming _a_ part of" (instead of "work for")?Last post 20 Jun 11, 03:48
Hi there, Do you say "becoming part of" or "becoming _a_ part of" (if you want to say "work…2 Replies
becoming goldLast post 02 Jan 07, 16:56
Hello and "Gutes Neues", Can somebody tell me the german meaning? THXS I heard that phrase …6 Replies
de-becoming Last post 11 Jun 09, 10:08
The time interval from coil de-becoming energized to the functioning time of the contact (re…1 Replies
becoming-peopleLast post 14 Feb 12, 03:48
"I propose to invert, in some way, the aporia of communist politics as the dialectic of a “S…3 Replies