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tepid - belanglosLast post 07 Dec 11, 15:59
regency literture, conversational3 Replies
frivolous - belanglosLast post 02 Sep 16, 09:32
http://www.philipphauer.de/info/eng/englisch-wendungen-phrasen-stil/#bezugnahme it doesn't m…4 Replies
to be a matter of indifference - belanglos seinLast post 09 Jun 14, 17:00
An issue in one context may be a matter of indifference, but, in another, it may be transfor…0 Replies
The question doesn't arise. - Die Frage ist belanglos.Last post 08 Oct 02, 14:36
LEO IMHO sollte die deutsche Übersetzung lauten: "Die Frage stellt sich nicht." Das heißt, …2 Replies
Das mag belanglos wirken, aber... - This might seem trivial, but...Last post 20 Mar 20, 14:04
This might seem trivial but I thought of something to sweeten up our quarantine lives: Every…2 Replies
Jegliche Innovation oder Verbesserung eines Produktes ist belanglos, solange es der Firma nicht gelingt, das Produkt in den Händen des Kunden zu platzieren (im Sinne von das Produkt zu verkaufen) - Any innovation or improvement is pointless, as long as a business does not succeed in getting thLast post 19 Jun 19, 16:21
Macht diese Übersetzung Sinn? Oder sollte ich lieber schreiben:Any innovation or improvemen…2 Replies
tokenishLast post 20 Jun 07, 23:00
The adjective tokenish has one meaning: insignificantly small; a matter of form only; (`toke…1 Replies
lightLast post 18 Feb 10, 11:59
Smoothing a wrinkle in her sleeve, she wondered how to keep the conversation light. Was ist…8 Replies
nonreposive / non-responsiveLast post 26 Apr 10, 18:28
Little has been done to address the root case of the overall cost burden: the collection, pr…6 Replies
jiggledy-pooLast post 07 Oct 09, 18:58
These Sheets were published on an as-needed basis … ? Attempts to “fix” it by edit2 Replies