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Orthographically similar words

bewegen, Bewegen

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among, atween, amongst, 'tween, betwixt, 'twixt

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Is this sentence correct? Through this framework a relation is established between the inves…8 Replies
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solicitation-request What other expressions are there for 'offizielle Ansuchen' that you wou…3 Replies
agreed between?Last post 26 Feb 06, 11:58
It had been agreed between the publishing house and the author ... Is "between" correct here?4 Replies
choose betweenLast post 18 Aug 02, 07:34
What is correct: "to choose between A and B" , or "to choose between A or B" ? Thanks for yo…6 Replies
among / betweenLast post 22 Oct 08, 11:18
Ich war immer der Meinung, dass 'among' benutzt werden sollte/müsste, wenn es sich um mehr a…3 Replies
opposite between?Last post 10 Mar 09, 18:32
There is a major "contrast between X and Y". Would it be possible to replace "contrast" wi…3 Replies
Differnce between fate and destinyLast post 14 Dec 09, 22:53
well, we had a discussion about this in class today, what the differnce between fate and des…1 Replies