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bald, bod, Bode, bode, body, boil, bola, boldo, bole, boll, bolt, Bond, bond, bowl, Cold, cold, fold, Gold, gold, hold, Hold, mold, obol, Old, old, sold, wold bald, Bild, blad, blöd, Body, Bola, Boldo, Bolid, Boll, Bond, Bord, Gold, hold, Old, Sold

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sassy / boldLast post 17 Jul 10, 17:04
"Sometimes I may be bold but I'm not sassy!" Could someone please explain me the difference …3 Replies
ehrgeizig - boldLast post 03 Apr 06, 14:17
In den Brand Values eines größeren Unternehmens steht: Ehrgeizig Wir sind immer einen Schri…6 Replies
bold-bolder-the boldest?Last post 24 Oct 08, 15:10
liebe muttersprachler, ist das möglich, kann man das sagen oder ist es totaler quatsch? "the…4 Replies
a bold new solutionLast post 23 Oct 11, 13:56
In a recent exercise, with advice from my Leo friends, I wrote eine neue, verwegene Lösung 3 Replies
bold & italic in commentsLast post 06 Jan 15, 02:52
When opening a window to comment, I used to automatically get a little auxiliary window that…3 Replies
umlaut-users are bold and strongLast post 21 Sep 09, 10:04
Hello all, I have just found this: The Gratuitous Umlaut An umlaut is a diacritical mark c…30 Replies
as bold as brass (Origin?)Last post 25 Jan 07, 06:04
Hi, dieser Spruch bedeutet ja "Frech wie Oskar" - weiß jemand, was das wortwörtlich im Engli…3 Replies
bold actionLast post 13 Jan 09, 00:33
...Barack Obama demanded BOLD ACTION on his near USD 800 billion stimulus plan... oder ...Si…4 Replies
bold futureLast post 01 Mar 07, 12:58
The results of our feedback sessions showed that the company wanted to build on the good th…2 Replies
bold strokeLast post 26 Oct 07, 10:07
... hat irgendwas mit "unternehmerischen Entscheidungen" zu tun.... finde im Internet keine …1 Replies

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