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blob, bob, bobo, bomb, boo, booby, Book, book, boom, Boom, boon, boor, boot, boto, boyo, bozo, noob Bob, Boom, Boot

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boob jobLast post 05 Oct 07, 12:24
In http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=322407 heißt es über einen Blog: "She ramb…3 Replies
boob doctorLast post 28 May 08, 16:28
Schönheitschirurg, ist klar. Ich bräuchte aber auch im dt. irgendeinen ugs-Ausdruck. Irgendw…11 Replies
boob honkedLast post 26 Jan 17, 18:11
"She got her boob honked over the summer"No more useful context - it's high school kids tal…6 Replies
side-boobLast post 17 Dec 12, 21:01
“Supermodel Gisele Bündchen momentarily stopped traffic in a fabric-challenged nude Versace …12 Replies
frilly boob bitsLast post 05 Jun 10, 14:00
I pushed the frilly boob bits off my shoulders, watching the town fly by as the driver put h…5 Replies
boob job - BrustvergrösserungLast post 20 Mar 14, 16:25
I wanna get a boob job done! - Ich will mir die Brust vergrössern lassen! Is it correct to …18 Replies
bit of boobLast post 07 Oct 09, 16:39
als kommentar zu einem foto stand dort "Bit of boob!!" und die Anwort war "just a little" w…6 Replies
bum man / boob manLast post 04 May 05, 11:30
Are you a bum man or a boob man? Asked by a Scottish colleague. I understand the meaning but…6 Replies
boob tube = article of clothing?Last post 28 Dec 17, 22:18
I don't know much about terms used for articles of women's clothing, but isn't this vocabul…13 Replies
howler - der Klops, Pl.: die Klöpse [Fauxpas]Last post 13 Jun 16, 10:42
Klops, der(...)2.) grober, schwerwiegender Fehler Plural meist: Klöpse Gebrauch: umgangsspra…20 Replies

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