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bloomer, bomber, booger, booker, boozer, roomer Biomer, Bomber, Booker, boomen

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schuss boomer - PistenrowdyLast post 07 Dec 09, 16:37
Inconsiderate, in-your-face slope hog. Home-grown vocab list.5 Replies
boomerLast post 16 Oct 06, 10:16
These kids are more savvy, responsible, and pragmatic than previous chohorts, thanks in part…1 Replies
boomerLast post 06 Dec 10, 18:40
"well, i am a boomer because i don wanna choose any kinda position" boomer is someone, who …5 Replies
baby boomer - Angehöriger geburtenstarker JahrgängeLast post 20 Aug 06, 12:44
baby boomer noun a person born during a boom in the birth rate, especially that which follow…17 Replies
baby-boomerLast post 07 Aug 10, 00:27
What nobody told my generation, the later baby-boomers, when we were embarking on our career…3 Replies
baby-boomerLast post 21 May 10, 12:02
What nobody told my generation, the later baby-boomers, when we were embarking on our career…2 Replies
boomer (Australian slang) - großes männliches KanguruhLast post 11 Dec 05, 23:05
www.koalanet.com.au/australian-slang.html Der Name kommt angeblich von dem Geräusch, das di…8 Replies
baby boomer gernerationLast post 24 Jun 07, 17:05
The year 2006 marks the beginning of the baby boomer generations journey toward senior citiz…2 Replies
Boomer - Atom-U-Boot mit ballistischen RaketenLast post 27 Feb 09, 13:25
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boomer sowie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballistic_missile_sub…1 Replies
boom - die Tonangel, die MikrofonangelLast post 11 Jul 09, 10:42
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boom_operator_(media) der Begriff "Boomer" kommt mit "Boom oper…1 Replies