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boaster, bolster, boosted, rooster

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booster - SponsorLast post 01 Feb 09, 10:43
a booster is also an enthusiastic promoter, as of a sports team or school. Quelle: http://w…0 Replies
booster cable - StarterkabelLast post 22 Apr 13, 16:55
Originalwortlaut auf einer Starterkabelverpackung2 Replies
booster cable - ÜberbrückungskabelLast post 01 Dec 10, 23:26
Mit Bild: bitte diesen link anschauen - ich habe mir gerade eins bei Canadian Tire gekauft .…1 Replies
booster seat - die SitzerhöhungLast post 28 May 07, 22:26
(b) “booster seat” means a child’s car seat that is designed to seat an older c0 Replies
Auffrischungsimpfung - booster vaccine shot / booster vaccine doseLast post 22 Nov 21, 15:54
Bei der Auffrischimpfung handelt es sich um eine erneute Verabreichung einer Dosis eines zug…33 Replies
booster gear - Geländegang, UntersetzungsgetriebeLast post 02 May 07, 14:06
expression frequently used in the book "Fighting with Popski's Private Army" by Park Yunnie.…2 Replies
child booster - kindersitzLast post 03 Apr 09, 22:34
baby seats and child booster are not included...5 Replies
booster seatLast post 16 Jan 05, 22:09
The little girl was shrinking back against a booster seat. Hallo! Es wäre toll, wenn mir hi…6 Replies
booster clubLast post 28 Nov 06, 02:47
The soccer team's booster club provided the money which was used to buy new uniforms. In the…3 Replies
spare booster Last post 03 Nov 07, 12:58
...I changed the coils , there was no spark in the upper cylinder at all, then I took a spar…1 Replies

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