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borrowing of money - Aufnehmen von SchuldenLast post 18 Oct 07, 14:54
Schulden kann man ja wohl schlecht aufnehmen, oder? Die macht man ja. Aber einen Kredit aufn…5 Replies
Kreditkosten - borrowing costsLast post 28 Jul 12, 15:32
Wegen der erneuten Herabstufung durch Moody's sind Spaniens Kreditkosten auf das Krisennivea…0 Replies
Leihladen - borrowing shopLast post 28 Mar 14, 18:33
Im ersten Leihladen Berlins kann der Kunde alle möglichen Geräte ausleihen, und dieses Ausle…3 Replies
borrowing need - KreditbedarfLast post 30 Jan 13, 14:40
The Spanish government is seeking to cut its deficit - its yearly overspending and resulting…0 Replies
borrowing figure - KreditbetragLast post 21 Sep 12, 17:22
In the UK, the April 2012 net borrowing figures included two one-off transactions to the gov…1 Replies
margin borrowing Last post 08 Sep 06, 11:46
The use of margin borrowing can substantially improve or impair the return on invested capit…1 Replies
corporate borrowingLast post 06 Mar 07, 08:13
They and others have also noted that the existence of personal taxes -- specifically the dif…2 Replies
borrowing bitsLast post 28 Oct 08, 18:39
(Aus Abiturprüfung 2006) ... As airport amenities and food courts have expanded, and securi…1 Replies
public borrowingLast post 28 Jun 09, 11:14
a dislocation in the relationship between public borrowing and taxation1 Replies
nonce borrowingLast post 08 Mar 13, 18:00
What does that mean in the context of language contact?4 Replies