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bag, bang, Bang, berg, blag, bora, bra, brad, brae, Bragg, bran, brat, braw, bray, brig, burg, crag, drag, Drag, frag, rag, rage, ragi Balg, bang, Berg, Blag, Bora, Borg, brav, Burg, Prag, Rage, Rang

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backhanded bragLast post 19 Jun 09, 21:47
Every word she says about him is some kind of backhanded brag. Jonathan Franzen hinterhälti…2 Replies
Brag sheetLast post 19 Sep 07, 11:34
Ich komme leider mit meiner Antwort nicht rein, drum mache ich es jetzt auf diesem Weg. Mein…1 Replies
brag schoolLast post 06 Jul 12, 13:11
At the far end of the smoky Junior Common Room a group of freshers had a late-evening three-…2 Replies
humble bragLast post 10 May 22, 15:51
oxymoron 'humble brag' = an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement whose actual pur…22 Replies
to brag - sich prahlenLast post 02 Jan 12, 03:49
According to this website, the verb "sich prahlen" exists: http://konjugator.reverso.net/kon…1 Replies
to brag on somethingLast post 14 Jun 08, 18:55
They brag on their success. Kann man das so sagen? Ist aus einem Lied.5 Replies
Noun form of "to brag"Last post 05 Sep 06, 19:25
Protzerei is the German orig., but does not mean swank as suggested by Leo, but rather "brag…8 Replies
"to brag with sth" possible?Last post 09 Oct 07, 18:11
Can you use 'to brag with something' or is just 'to brag about sth' possible? I found some e…4 Replies
to boast (about sth.), to boast of sth., to show sth. (off), to brag (about sth.), to swagger (about sth.), to vapo(uBE)r - aufschneidenLast post 09 Sep 09, 08:42
Das oben sind alles Synonyme zueinander!14 Replies
protzLast post 26 Jan 10, 18:36
Ich weiß wie schwierig es ist ein Patent zu bekommen, ich bin selbst Inhaber zweier Patente …5 Replies

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