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Kaminumrandung - chimney breastLast post 16 May 14, 19:23
Exklusive Kaminumrandung aus hochwertigem Naturstein für gemütliche Stunden vor dem Kamin z…3 Replies
brusthoch - breast-highLast post 07 Oct 09, 16:42
Each station consists of a breast-high pillar ... Dear native speakers, is it possible to s…3 Replies
breast rolls - BrustwalzenLast post 16 Jul 03, 12:11
www.leo.org Kennt jemand die Bedeutung der Wörter über die ich im LEO gestolpert bin? Im me…13 Replies
Inflammatory Breast Cancer - inflammatorisches MammakarzinomLast post 07 Aug 07, 15:48
INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER (IBC) is an advanced and accelerated form of breast cancer usuall…0 Replies
breast-beatingLast post 27 Mar 06, 15:58
And after all the hand-wringing and breats-beating, he still does nothing. Hand-wringing (Hä…4 Replies
Breast plateLast post 13 Sep 14, 12:09
Carry, possess or use a spiked collar, a breast plate or radio tracking equipment for use on…3 Replies
fibrocystic breastLast post 06 Apr 05, 17:24
Relieve the discomforts of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstruation, endometriosis and fibr…3 Replies
breast lumpLast post 02 Jun 08, 04:23
She discovered a lump in her breast, which later was found to be cancerous. I'm not sure wh…3 Replies
breast shellLast post 24 Nov 09, 00:36
The problem with breast reconstruction is that when you take out the mammary glands or the b…4 Replies
feel breastLast post 19 Sep 09, 20:20
"I am happy, I feel breast..." Es soll wohl soviel wie, ich bin glücklich und stolz auf das…2 Replies