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create, construct, structure, design

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build upLast post 22 Apr 09, 23:19
Dear all, if you say "A hurricane was building up", do you imply that it is approaching or i…8 Replies
build-outLast post 18 Nov 09, 13:00
I just saw this in Time (!) Magazine: "China's massive infrastructure build-out" This soun…3 Replies
rearmament - aufrüstungLast post 10 Aug 07, 14:07
arms build-up [Milit.] [Amer.] - Aufrüstung Aus meiner beinahe drei Jahrzehnte umfa…34 Replies
Unterschied zwischen "build" und "build up"?Last post 17 May 12, 16:29
The building (up) of a mosque near Ground Zero causes lots of trouble. ???3 Replies
to build ventilators \t\t \t - Wetter fassenLast post 21 Oct 20, 07:53
Ganze 26 Internet-Fundstellen gibt es zu "Wetter fassen" und der Bezug zum Bau von Lüftern …10 Replies
build up - phrasesLast post 18 Jun 10, 18:22
You can build up knowledge, but what about opinions? I know the term "to form an opinion", …1 Replies
Build a white elephantLast post 28 Jan 05, 16:16
Auch in Leo findet sich ein Eintrag zu white elephant = nutzloser Gegenstand. Sehr haeufig w…9 Replies
build up liaison skillsLast post 18 Jun 10, 14:04
Can one say something like that: As the current Media and Communications Assistant at xxx, …3 Replies
buildLast post 18 Sep 12, 14:20
http://www.washington.edu/pine/getpine/linux.html: "These packages include Pine, Pico, and o…6 Replies
buildLast post 19 Apr 07, 07:12
http://www.washington.edu/pine/getpine/linux.html: "These packages include Pine, Pico, and o…2 Replies