Possible base forms for "buried"

    bury (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

burled, burned, burred

Related search terms

concealed, underground, subsurface, hidden

Forum discussions containing the search term

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These features along with the membrane buried proline at position 400 are in accordance with…4 Replies
buried at workLast post 30 Oct 08, 19:27
I'd like to help but I'm buried at work! (Alice in Dilbert-Y2K episode)1 Replies
buried in plain sightLast post 22 Sep 08, 18:55
Ideas are buried in plain sight within the pages of the daily newspaper. Ich weiß, was es h…1 Replies
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Berend Smoes, Frensdorf, 24 Jahre (Immigrated in 1847 under the name of Berend Hofmeyer, bur…4 Replies
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She has surprised me again, this time with a buried kernel of serious thought. Die junge Da…3 Replies
causing the body to be buriedLast post 18 Jan 09, 21:14
aus einer englischen Todesbescheinigung unter "Qualification of Informant" ist das die Pers…3 Replies
uncovered edge of a buried truthLast post 04 Jul 10, 10:30
I had joked about abandonment issues, but it felt like the uncovered edge of a buried truth.…1 Replies