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cant, chant, scant

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You can't say you can't playLast post 03 Nov 09, 18:03
"Author and kindergarten teacher ... Vivian Paley tells the story of an experiment she conduc25 Replies
can't be doing / can't doLast post 28 May 09, 15:35
"you can't be doing that" / "you can't do that" What's the difference? I've heard the forme…13 Replies
can't standLast post 06 Apr 09, 19:41
They can't stand if they are not within reach... or: They can't stand IT if they are not wit…5 Replies
can't / cannotLast post 13 Apr 08, 13:20
both the same? so i can always use both or are there differences in the usage? 1 Replies
cannot/can'tLast post 19 Oct 10, 12:10
I cannot/can't wait to see you again! Sind beide Schreibweisen möglich? (Bezogen auf can no…15 Replies
you can't contact ebay.deLast post 11 Aug 10, 21:33
i've tried for about a half hour to contact ebay.de but i could never figure out how to reac…14 Replies
Can't help being oder can't change being?Last post 03 Sep 09, 16:07
Wir haben heute im Unterricht einen unvollständigen Satz bekommen und sollten einsetzen: Sh…4 Replies
Help! I can't pay my rent.Last post 14 Nov 16, 19:05
I've just been paid but after I paid my bills there's not enough for the rent. I work full-t…44 Replies
Pronounciation of 'can't'Last post 04 Oct 07, 18:52
I noticed recently that a lot of british or australian bands use the AE pronounciation of 'c…13 Replies
can't e-mailLast post 09 Jan 12, 11:24
Oh that's right, I can't e-mail my mother. I'm really searching for the German here, but he…23 Replies